We’re currently competing in the following racing events. We intend to compete in as many as we’re equipped to partake in and as more events unfold.

  • RoadX: Year long championship competition using stock naturally aspirated 4-cylinder powered BMW E30 and Benz 190 cars only. It is held at Motorsport Raceway, a purpose built race track in Edo state. The season finale always holds in the last weekend of November. We are the current champion of this series after securing the most points throughout the year 2019. Read more in our blog.
  • Ondo Auto Rally: A race convened by Work and Play Group that holds early every November in Ondo state. It is held on a closed street circuit and cars are categorized according to their power levels. There is also an off-road race, but we’re only interested in racing on tarmac at the moment. We’re also currently the defending champions of the on-road race at Ondo Auto Rally
  • Drifting: We will be partaking in drifting events and competitions from 2020.
  • NASA National Grand Prix: An upcoming closed street circuit race making its debut in the Central area of Abuja in 2020. We intend to compete in the race.

Check our blog to stay up to date on our appearances and standings at various events.