Supposed upgrades negatively impact Fast Lane's race car in Race 3/6 - 2019 RoadX Championship

August 30th and 31st 2019 was a long awaited weekend in the 2019 racing calendar at Motorsport Raceway Evbuobanosa, as it would determine what teams are likely to be eventual winners in the Championship. Races 3 and 4 (out of a total of 6 championship…
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RoadX 2019 Championship Finale and 2019 Bikers Trophy Schedule

​Tentative Schedule for the RACE Week & Weekend for The BT/RoadX 2019 Championship FINALS @motorsportraceway, Evbuobanosa, Near Abudu, Edo State, Nigeria. The MRE will officially reopen on Wednesday 27th November 2019 for The BT/RoadX…

2019 RoadX: Race 2 (Easter Motorsports Festival Special) - Nigeria Car Racing Championship

Set for Easter Sunday afternoon, there were over a thousand spectators for this race, which was far greater than was present at Race 1. Throttle Heads Racing (THR) suffered a puncture in the last lap of Race 1 the previous day, but toughened…
2019 RoadX Race 1 Podiumx

Exciting end to first race of the 2019 RoadX Racing championship

Our 2018 RoadX was filled with ups and downs, but we took home 2nd place in the championship and a lot of experiences and lessons looking forward to 2019. These lessons and experiences paid off in the just concluded Easter Motorsport Festival. The…


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