August 30th and 31st 2019 was a long awaited weekend in the 2019 racing calendar at Motorsport Raceway Evbuobanosa, as it would determine what teams are likely to be eventual winners in the Championship. Races 3 and 4 (out of a total of 6 championship races) had held that weekend.

Most teams arrived at the track mid Thursday, 29th August and immediately started to setup and prepare for the races the next day. Racing parts were installed, fluid checks done, safety inspection carried out and the track was open for practice.

The best performing cars in the past races were our #95 car and Throttle Heads Racing #41 car. It was quickly evident during practice that this race would be a different story as both Rage Motorsport cars showed astounding performance during practice. It seemed as though a podium position would be difficult for us with as the adjustments done to our #95 car proved to be negatively impacting.

Our team entered two cars for this round of races, the regular #95 car and the new #59 car. We had made a few adjustments to our regular car before track day, but it was immediately evident during practice that the changes had reduced performance rather than improved it. With not enough time to revert the settings, we had our qualifying session and still managed to clinch P2. Our new car, #59, qualified P6. We thought it could have done better and looked forward to the race.

Weather forecast for the weekend was an all wet one, but it turned out to be dry all through Friday. The 600cc and 1000cc super sport bikes had their qualifying towards the November bike race (Biker’s Trophy) and were done by 4PM. RoadX Qualifying followed after. The starting grid for Race 3 looked thus:

Grid #DriverTeam NameRacing #
1Jack AffaraThrottle Heads Racing41
2Robson OmasheyeFast Lane Racing95
3Daniel OguonighoRage Motorsport18
4Muyiwa AkintolaRage Motorsport08
5Inyang EffiongOutdoors Racing66
6TaiwoFast Lane Racing59
7EddyInferno Racing88
8Aarawore IkutegbeDark Matter Racing07

Race started right away, Throttle Heads Racing #41 car pulled away, as Rage Motorsport #08 car breezed past our #95 car at turn 1 (T1). We managed to tail Rage Motorsport car through laps 1 and 2 and closed in enough to challenge him into lap 3. Wheel to wheel, we went through T1, T2 T3, T4 and on to the back straight though the chicane at T5, let off a bit at T6, taking the outside line at T8, the hairpin, but  we couldn’t get the overtake done. Coming out of T10 to start the 4th lap, we managed to eke a better exit and made the move to get P2 going into T1. By this time, P1, THR41 car, had gained a lot from the battle between P2 and P3 and was already too far gone for us to catch him. Our second car, FLM #59, and Inferno Racing 88 had technical problems and couldn’t finish the race. Results of race 3 below:

2019 RoadX Race 3/6 Results

Race 4 held the next day, Saturday, 31st August.

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