Set for Easter Sunday afternoon, there were over a thousand spectators for this race, which was far greater than was present at Race 1. Throttle Heads Racing (THR) suffered a puncture in the last lap of Race 1 the previous day, but toughened the odds of Race 2 with new set of tyres they got in overnight – talk about determination.

Throttle Heads Racing lost a tyre in Race 1 but finished the race.

As stated before the start of the season, we would be using the reverse grid system from the preceding race of a race weekend to determine the start grid. For example, the winner of Race 1 would be starting last, last would be starting first, etc. So we were starting at P5, last, behind THR, our major rival. The starting grid looked thus:

Grid #DriverTeam NameCar Number
P1Eramese X. Inferno Racing Team (IRT) 88
P2Inyang E. Outdoors Racing Team (ORT) 66
P3Daniel O. Rage Motorsport (RMS) 08
P4Jack A. Throttle Heads Racing (THR) 07
P5Robson O. Fast Lane Motorsports (FLM) 95

A golden opportunity to get ahead of THR at the start presented itself when they stalled off the line. We got ahead but had a missed shift to gear 2. THR had now started and almost ran into us from behind due to our stalled gear change but their driver’s quick racing reflexes kicked in and a rear collision was avoided.

we leaped to P3, from P5 at the start.

We went on to overtake P3 (Rage Motorsport 08) and P2 (Outdoors Racing 66) before turn 1, contended with P1 (Inferno Racing 88) through turns 1, 2, 3 and overtook them just before turn 4 opening up to the back straight. We were now P1. THR also overtook the other cars on the back straight. By the start of the second lap, THR was in our rear view, now P2, hunting us down.

THR overtook us into T2 in lap 3, we overtook out of T5 in lap 4. From then on, it was a series of brazen, dare devil overtakes throughout the race, with each overtake getting subsequently more brazen and close. The spectators went wild at stellar moments. There was no dull moment as we battled fender to fender for the whole race.

T6, a blind downward sloping left hander, is known as the trickiest part of the track, where most crashes and wild spins had occurred in the past. We had a crash there in Race 1 of the 2018 season. Our driver seemed to have overcome his fear of this corner, staying flat out through T5 and late braking into T6. He even made a double overtake, 3-wide out of T6. THR retook the lead in lap 18 and managed to keep it till the end of the race, while we finished less than a second behind as P2 with 9 points in the bag for us.

3-wide at T6 at Motorsport Raceway

A showcase bike race was also held, as representatives of large corporations were in attendance to see how they could be part of motorsport in Nigeria.

Next race weekend will be in August and we hope to finish our second car by then. Other teams who missed this race will be present. A new team is joining us with 2 cars, so we may be having as much as 10 cars or more competing in the August race. The Team Champiomship is determined by a total of points scored by both cars in a team across the 6 races, while the Drivers championship is determined by most points scored by a driver across the 6 races. Teams are going to be maxing out their slots of 2 cars each, in order to amass more points in the Team Championship. You don’t want to miss this next race!

Fast Lane Motorsports is at a tie at 19 points with Throttle Heads Racing at the top of the table. Results of Race 2 and team and driver standings afterwards shown below

2019 RoadX Race 2 Results
2019 RoadX Race 2 Driver Standings

2019 RoadX Race 2 TeamStandings

20 lucky spectators won 5,000NGN each in the predict-a-winner-and-win raffle draw. We don’t know if we owe the people that predicted us a win an apology for not winning this race 😀

Read about Race 1 here.

Fast Lane Motorsports is open for inquiries, partnership and sponsorship. Feel free to contact us on social media or by email.

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