2019 RoadX Race 1 Podiumx

Our 2018 RoadX was filled with ups and downs, but we took home 2nd place in the championship and a lot of experiences and lessons looking forward to 2019. These lessons and experiences paid off in the just concluded Easter Motorsport Festival.

The RoadX Championship this year has three race weekends. One in April, August and November with two races per weekend, making six races in total. The first and second race was fixed for the Easter weekend in April (Races 1 and 2) and dubbed the Easter Motorsport Festival at Motorsport Raceway, Evbuobanosa.

We planned to field two cars this season, but work on the second race car (race #59) was not completed on time. So our first car was going to be competing alone without a team mate on the track. It arrived a track a day ahead of the crew, timely delivered by Safehaul Recovery, a professional cross-country vehicle haulage company. We arrived Friday and immediately began race prep work on the car for practice, getting set for the first race of the year.


On Saturday, the first race day, we did the final checks but didn’t have enough time for additional practice. We went straight to qualifying, and qualified P2 – again. As a team accustomed to winning races without starting from pole position, We were not fazed.

The start grid looked thus:

Grid #Driver Team NameTeam Car Number
P1Jack A.Throttle Heads Racing (THR)07
P2Robson O.Fast Lane Motorsports (FLM)95
P3Daniel O.Rage Motorsport (RMS)08
P4Eramese X.Inferno Racing Team (IRT)88
P5Inyang E.Outdoors Racing Team (ORT)66

The race was flagged off at 14:00, 2 hours after qualifying, according to schedule. Immediately, our driver gets straight at it with Jack of Throttle Heads Racing (THR), getting to turn 1 (T1) at the same time, but yielding because our tyres and brakes were still relatively cold. By lap 3 we were close enough to attempt an overtake but every move was blocked by the THR driver. Laps 3, 4, and 5 saw the same blocking move by THR. In lap 6, we pulled a ballsy move, dummying to go left, but went right, took the inside line into T1 and made the overtake stick. We were now P1 and retained the position for a while.  

Meanwhile, Rage Motorsport (RMS), OutdoorsTour Racing Team (ORT) and Inferno Racing (IRT) were locked in a battle for P3. Unfortunately, IRT suffered a technical problem and had to retire. ORT suffered a problem as well but was able to fix it and get back in the fight.

Race went on, and the gap to THR (inP2) was increasing considerably. Our driver thought it good to start letting resources cool. But THR started pushing again and was on our tail by lap 14. In a bid to push some more and extend the stint in lap 15, our driver had misjudged his turn-in point and almost had a spin out of T3 allowing THR to steal the lead. THR remained in the lead for laps 15 through 16.

THR takes the lead in turn 4 after FLM almost spins.

 In lap 17, we had caught up at T8, the long left hander hairpin. Our driver set up for a good exit at T10 on to the front straight, THR had a bad exit while we had a better exit, hence earlier acceleration out of the corner. We took the lead once again on the front straight and maintained the lead till the race ended.

2019 RoadX Race 1 Podiumx
2019 RoadX Race 1 Podium

Thus, Fast Lane Motors took the checkered flag and bagged 10 points for Race 1. Results from Race 1 below;

2019 RoadX Race 1 Results
2019 RoadX Race 1 Results

Race 2 was held the following day and you can read up about it here.

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