After experiencing the Motorsport Raceway Track at Evbuobanosa, Edo state as a dirt track for most of 2017 (boy the ease and thrill of drifting on dirt!), it was announced that the track would be tarred before the Biker’s Trophy in November 2017 and a car racing championship called Road X for 2018 season will be premiered on the same day. We sell BMWs, parts and accessories, so what better way to live the hype of the best car brand in the world other than partaking in a racing series involving them?
The cars for the Road X series would be Benz 190s and BMW E30s and must be built to race standards with basic safety features in place like a well made roll cage, battery kill switch, 2kg driver-reachable fire extinguisher, 4 or 5 point racing belt harness, deleted steering lock and key barrel amongst others. The engines allowed in this class would be the 4 cylinder engines in the 190 and E30 chassis only. No forced induction (turbo and supercharging) or individual throttle bodies allowed. Engine must be kept stock (as is from factory). This means it would be highly affordable to run your car in the series. Contact us if you would like to join at any time.

The clock started ticking, teams registered over the months and began building their race cars in order to showcase them at the Team and Cars unveil event held at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island on September 25, 2017. Most of the teams are based in cities outside Edo state and move their race cars, bikes, equipment and personnel from Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Port Harcourt to Edo state for the race days – talk about passion!

Registered teams as at the start of the series in 2018 below. Find them on Instagram and give them a shoutout!

  1. 4eva Racing
  2. African Elephant Racing
  3. BKG Racing
  4. Dark Matter Racing
  5. Fast Lane Motorsports Racing (Formerly Autobarn Nigeria Racing)
  6. Ikenga Racing
  7. Inferno Racing
  8. Outdoors Tours Racing
  9. Rage Motorsport
  10. Chilling Motorsport
  11. Airbenda 41 Racing
  12. Argotios Bike Showroom
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